“Feeling good has never been simpler.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide freelancers in the beauty, health and wellness industries an opportunity to deliver their services directly to customers.

Creativity, passion, talent and community, combined.

About Us

Based in Melbourne and proudly Australian-owned, BeMyFreelancer is dedicated to building an inspired, passionate and trustworthy platform.

BeMyFreelancer is an online service that connects talented freelancers with customers for a wide range of beauty, health and wellness requests.

Our Freelancers operate their own businesses and are their own bosses; working when they want, how they want and for the right price.

Our Customers range from people who want to feel their best every day to special occasions/events. No job is too big or too small.

As a Business we strive to offer our users a secure, trusted and modern platform focusing on design, connectivity and customer service. 

What we value

Building a user orientated, engaging and reliable platform for all our members. 



We are focused on creating the best user experience for our members and offering genuine value to our community. 



Building open, sincere and constructive relationships with our users through purposeful engagement, feedback and suggestions.



Consistency, truth and honesty. Our actions will uphold the highest standards as we always seek to do the right thing.



Led by example, we create a dynamic, trustworthy and fun environment for all users to express their true talent and skills.



We aim to deliver the highest quality performance to enable our users to develop, innovate and appreciate their experience.



We seek to build authentic social value, inclusivity and operate without prejudice. We respect our community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to revolutionise the beauty, health and wellness industries to an all-in-one online platform.

More services, better business and unparalleled experience for everyone.

Ready to begin your BeMyFreelancer experience?

Building co-operative, contemporary and empowering practices for all our users.
Our ultimate success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers and freelancers and our enduring commitment to accountability, collaboration, innovation, responsibility and sustainability.