Code of Conduct


The BeMyFreelancer Code of Conduct reflects the values and standards we impart on all our users to create a safe, trusted and reliable platform.

If you suspect any breaches of our Code of Conduct, please report it to BeMyFreelancer using our Contact Us page or using the Report this booking link located on the booking form.

Any breaches of our Code of Conduct may result in a cancelled or suspended account, booking or job. 

Here is how BeMyFreelancer ensures we deliver an honest, transparent and safe experience for all users.


1.1. Minimum age requirement

All users must be 18 (Eighteen) years or older to use BeMyFreelancer.

1.2. Legal working rights

All users are required to have full legal working rights in accordance with the rules and regulations of Australia.

2. Profile Standards

2.1. Personal Information

Personal information such as; mobile phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses must not be shared until the booking is confirmed.

2.2. Images

Images must not be obscene, explicit or offensive. BeMyFreelancer reserves the right to take down any image that does not comply with our Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.


Verification is mandatory. All users must verify their mobile phone number and e-mail address before using BeMyFreelancer.

2.4.Fraudulent Information

Users must not use a fictitious or fictional name or falsely take on the identity of real or trusted individuals.

3. Account Administration

3.1. No account transfers

Users must not transfer their account to another person. All users are responsible for their own account, abilities, skills and reviews and you must maintain control of their account at all times.

3.2. No duplicate accounts

Users must only have a single account on BeMyFreelancer. Any duplicate or disguised accounts may be removed.
A single account on BeMyFreelancer allows a user to switch between a Customer and Freelancer, creating another account is not necessary.

4.Platform Activity Standards

4.1. Bookings

All booking must be completed in accordance with the BeMyFreelancer Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. BeMyFreelancer reserves the right to hold or stop any bookings that are in breach of our guidelines.

4.2. Communication

All users must communicate within the BeMyFreelancer platform. Any communication conducted outside of the BeMyFreelancer platform is unsupported and may affect the outcome of BeMyFreelancer support and claims.

4.3. Pricing

All offers on bookings must total the full amount for the job. Quotes, partial offers, hourly rates or cash negotiations are not supported on the BeMyFreelancer platform.

4.4. Payments

Cash payments are not supported on the BeMyFreelancer platform. To ensure our freelancers are paid correctly, payments are held securely in the BeMyFreelancer Payment Account until the booking or session is marked completed by both the customer and freelancer. Freelancers must make sure their banking details are up-to-date to receive payments.

4.5. Reviews

To maintain the integrity and trust of the BeMyFreelancer platform, reviews must be posted honestly, appropriately and constructively. Authentic reviews should be written sharing both positive and negative (if required) opinions of the booking completed. Reported fraudulent reviews will be investigated and if deemed in breach of our guidelines, maybe responded to by BeMyFreelancer admin or removed.

5. Prohibited, unacceptable and unsupported behaviours

BeMyFreelancer has a zero-tolerance policy for prohibited, unacceptable and unsupported behaviours. Such behaviours may result in the content being removed, booking being stopped or your account being suspended.

The following outlines examples of prohibited, unacceptable and unsupported behaviours, but not limited to:

5.1. Illegal activities such as theft, vandalism and the use of drugs or weapons.
5.2. Illegal items such as hazardous goods or substances.
5.3. Escort or adult services such as prostitution.
5.4. Alcohol consumption such as the purchase, sale, distribution or use of alcohol.
5.5. Advertising such as lead generation, cold calling or email blasts.
5.6. Violence such as comments or actions that promote hatred or violence.
5.7. Discrimination such as comments that are derogatory, discriminatory or vulgar.
5.8. Harassment such as actions or comments that cause distress, intimidation or disturbance.
5.9. Trolling such as comments that are off-topic or inflammatory.
5.10. Harvesting user information such as maintaining a list of contact details.

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