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We make finding the right beauty, fitness and massage freelancers a breeze.

How do we do that? We integrate our core values and functionality.

 We choose positivity, transparency and self-improvement

 We listen to our customers, freelancers and business partners

 We work smarter to find the right solutions

 We do the right thing

Here are a few more reasons we think our platform is right for you.

Prioritise yourself, your career and your business.

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For Customers

We believe that great customer service is earned when we do all the little things well. 

Our customers can enjoy a variety of services including:

Finding freelancers
Posting jobs
Embracing community

More freelancers and more services mean more choice.

Find what you’re looking for in one platform, all for the right price.


For Freelancers

You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you. 

We attract professional, talented and hard-working individuals.

Our freelancer services include:

Booking jobs from customers
Building a portfolio
Developing and improving your skills
Earning additional income
Being your own boss

Signup today and start making a difference tomorrow.


Save Time & Money

Simply effective and efficient. Industry services at a fraction of industry prices and delivered directly to you. 

No matter what your busy day or week entails, all of us deserve to live a happier, healthier and well-balanced life. 

Our freelancers are professional, skilled and dedicated to their craft. 

All of our services come with a price guarantee.

All costs are final and inclusive of fees and taxes. 


Support 24/7

We pride ourselves on great customer support. 

All customers and freelancers can contact our support staff directly.

We aim to resolve all matters within two business days. 

Our extensive self-help support services include: 

Help Centre
Getting Started
Resources & Tools


Secure Payments

We use Stripe – a leading online payment processing platform. 

Easy to use
Secure checkout
Encrypted payments
Buyer protection

More information can be found here: Stripe

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