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COVID 19 Updates

Latest COVID19 Updates, updated April 2022

Public Health advice is consistently changing in all states and territories. Before any request is completed it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the latest Australian Government advice. If you in uncertain if you should proceed with a request, we advise you to follow advice from your respective State or Territory.

You can find the latest COVID19 updates for your State and Territory here:


Things you can do to reduce the spread of COVID19:

- All users will need to be double vaccinated to use the platform.

- Good hygiene: Washing your hands, covering your coughs and cleaning your home or workplace.

- Physical distancing: Keep 1.5 metres away from others wherever possible, avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs and kisses.

- Masks: Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you are in an area with community transmission, and physical distancing is not possible.

- Get Tested for COVID19: If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, please seek medical advice or speak to your doctor about getting tested.

- Stay Home: If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, or have been instructed by a medical professional to isolate, stay home to prevent the spread of COVID19 and to protect our community.

Message from the BeMyFreelancer team

BeMyFreelancer is a professional and trusted online platform that connects customers with talented local freelancers for a wide range of beauty, health and wellness services.

Our customers can either post a job and receive bids from freelancers or directly book a freelancer using one of our portals.

We are committed to offering industry services from personal trainers, massage therapists to beauticians so our customers can feel their best every day.

Our vision is to revolutionise the beauty, health and wellness industries to one online platform.

What makes a good freelancer profile?

A professional freelancer profile is like an online resume which can be vital to your success. It is a way to introduce yourself to prospective customers and set yourself apart from other freelancers. Ways to make a good freelancer profile;

1. BeMyFreelancer has an extensive list of categories, list the most relevant skills based on projects you would like to receive. Only list skills that you can back up with your experience

2. Select a profile picture which is professional as this will build trust with your customers

3. Create and Introduction Video which will help you to stand out, especially because as many freelancers may skip this option. Start with a script that demonstrates who you are, your experience and why you do what you do?

4. Showcase your best work in portfolio images, it will be a chance to show the quality of your work

5. List your qualifications as this will help you validate your skills

6. Add packages and advertise them directly to customers as it will increase your earning potential

7. Look at achieving a 100% on the profile progress 

For more information, see: I’m a freelancer and I need help!

What makes a good customer profile?

1. Select a profile picture which is professional as this will build trust with your Freelancers

2. Complete your social media links found under Account Settings.

3. Read your freelancer comments and report any comments you feel are unfair. 

For more information, see: I’m a customer and I need help!

The BeMyFreelancer Culture Deck

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