How It Works

We aim to be the central portal for beauty, fitness and massage.

BeMyFreelancer provides a complete and immersive platform for:

 Finding a freelancer

 Posting a job

 Feeling your best

 Embracing community

Enjoy our services in a clear, modern and simplified process.

Engage, work and connect - All in one place.

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1. Find a Freelancer

Want to hire a freelancer you would love?
Search our database and find the best local talent in your area.

Our freelancers have in-depth portfolios including:

Introductory Video
Photo Gallery
Skill Sets

Select the right freelancer and submit a booking request.


2. Post a Job

Have something specific in mind?
Our freelancers will respond to your request in no time.

Answer a few questions and tell us:

What you need done
Date & Time
Payment Method

When you’re ready, submit your job.


3. Feel Your Best

It’s all booked!

Your freelancer will meet you at your selected: Location, date and time.

We hope you have a wonderful experience.

Once your booking is complete, payment will be released.

All payments are securely processed using Stripe.

Feeling good has never been easier.


4. Community

Let's be part of the BeMyFreelancer community.

It's time to showcase your experience to the world.

Upload photos and build your online profile/portfolio.

Write and respond to reviews.

Don’t forget to update your social media and share your experience.

We hope to see you again soon.

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