Trust & Safety (Freelancer)

Step-by-step safety guide for freelancers

1. Commenting on a new job posting

All jobs posted on the BeMyFreelancer platform are publicly visible. When commenting on a new job posting it is important not to divulge any personal information on your job such as; full name, phone number, address or email address. If you share your personal information, we cannot provide support for bookings not completed through BeMyFreelancer

2. Making an offer

When you are making offers for a job, we recommend you to be attentive towards suspicious behaviour. It is advised to report this to us immediately so we are able to investigate.

Here are some examples of what maybe be classified as suspicious behaviour:

a.High value price for a simple job

b.Jobs being requested at odd times

c.Urgency of a job to be completed as soon as possible

3. Confirming a booking

4. Before your booking starts

Before your booking starts you have the option to ask the Customer for their ID.

5. When your booking is in progress

Only select “Job Complete” after the booking is completed. If the Customer is not satisfied with your service, try and resolve this with the Customer first. If you are not able to come to an agreement, you can always contact our customer support.

6. When your booking is completed

Once the booking is completed, it is time to get paid! Log onto your BeMyFreelancer account and click “Job Complete” button and allow time for Customer to “Release Payment”. If the Customer has not released the payment, on your Booking you can notify the customer to release the payment, allow 3 to 5 business days for the payment to be processed. If the payment is still not released you can contact our Customer Support by selecting “Report this booking”.

7. After your booking is closed

After the booking is complete, it is time to leave a review on your experience. It is important to leave genuine and constructive feedback for Customers.

Building Trust with your customer

You can build trust with your Customer by doing the following things:

• Look for verification and check Customer’s reviews

• Ask to see ID before the booking starts, you can also request this information through the private message

• Visually confirm your Customer through their BeMyFreelancer profile

• You can ask the Customer how many people will be at the booking location

Consumer standards

At BeMyFreelancer we take everyone’s safety very seriously. If at any point you feel the following during your booking you are encouraged to contact our customer support team. If at anytime you feel any of the following you should select “report booking” on your booking form and let us know what happened so we can investigate.

• Unsafe, threatened or bullied: If at any point you feel threatened or bullied during a booking, contact our Customer Support team immediately

• Negative experience from the booking: If you have had a negative experience from a booking, look to resolve the matter with the Customer. If you are not able to come to an agreement you can contact our Customer Support team.

• Customer is unreliable: If your Customer is not reliable you are encouraged to leave a review on Customer’s profile. You can also review our Reviews Policy.

• Suspicious activity: If a Customer’s behaviour is making you feel suspicious, we advise you to leave the booking. Let us know immediately so we can investigate and our Customer Support team will contact you.
• Theft: If you find something is missing after a booking is completed, let us know and we can investigate. You can also fill out a Police Report about the missing item/s.

If at any time you are concerned you should also report the matter to the police.
If it is an emergency, contact 000 or your local police.


Keep all communication through the BeMyFreelancer platform. Communication is key to a successful experience. Always ensure your notifications are up to date so you are notified immediately about any communication regarding your booking.

How to communicate effectively:

• If you are unsure about a booking It is encouraged to ask questions

• Set the right expectations such as; If you have deadlines, it is best to outline these at the beginning

• Never share your personal information such as; full name, phone number, address and email address on a public visible page


BeMyFreelancer is a cashless platform, if a Customer wants to cancel for a cash payment, this may indicate fraudulent activity. Payments made outside the platform or through cash are considered bookings which are not booked through BeMyFreelancer therefore we cannot provide you with a secure payment process, dispute resolutions and any support. This is why BeMyFreelancer strongly advises to keep the booking on our platform.

If at anytime you notice anything fraudulent about a booking you should select “report booking” and let us know the details so our team can investigate.

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