Relaxation Massage

Soothe Your Senses and Embrace Serenity with Expert Relaxation Massage Therapy.

Relaxation massage is a soothing and calming therapy designed to promote relaxation and alleviate everyday stress and tension, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful escape from the demands of daily life.

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Your Ticket to Self-Care and Better Living

BeMyFreelancer offers the convenience of choosing a massage therapist to prioritise your wellness. Our freelancers are available to offer a wide range of massage services designed to alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, leading to improved mental clarity and emotional harmony. Find a balance with customised massage therapy sessions and lead a life of greater vitality and improved health.

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Stress and Pain Relief

Unplug and Unwind, Feel Better Everyday!

Freelance Massage therapists offer targeted and effective solutions to the demands of modern life. Our freelancers employ various techniques that specifically target areas of tension and discomfort, providing immediate relief from physical pain and promoting relaxation. Regular massage therapy can improve circulation, enhancing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles and tissues, thereby facilitating healing and reducing inflammation. Prioritise your well-being today with BeMyFreelancer!

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Boost Mental Health

Embrace Wellness and Spark Joy

Take the first proactive and impactful step towards enhancing your overall well-being. Our freelance massage therapists offer affordable and effective services to soothe anxiety, stress, and depression. A therapeutic touch and calming environment of a massage session can stimulate the body's relaxation response and aid in improved sleep quality and lower cortisol levels, thereby promoting a more serene state of mind. By choosing BeMyFreelancer, you ensure a personalised approach that caters to your specific mental health goals and preferences. Ultimately, investing in massage therapy for mental health is an investment in a happier, calmer, and more resilient self.

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How It Works

A complete platform for the massage industry!

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Select the right freelancer and submit a booking request.


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Tell us what you need done, your location, date, time, budget and payment method.

Our freelancers will submit offers and you choose the right freelancer for the job.


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Showcase your skills and talents to your customers and our community.

Have a wonderful shared experience by helping individuals achieve their beauty, fitness and wellness goals.

You will be making a difference in people’s lives. 

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Let us take care of all your marketing, tech, scheduling, billing and invoices.

Get paid automatically through our platform. 

You focus on growing your portfolio and we’ll make sure you get paid.

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Virtual sessions are here!

We are excited to bring online virtual sessions for any suitable booking! Classes, consultations, lessons, tutorials and more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Take a look at some of the most popular questions and answers below.

On BeMyFreelancer, there are two ways to find a relaxation massage therapist near you.

Post a Job:
Tell us what you need done, your location, date, time and budget. Suitable freelancers in your area will then submit offers and you can choose the right freelancer for the job.

Find a Freelancer:
Alternatively, you can explore our "Find a Freelancer" database. Specify your location and desired services and browse through our eligible freelancer profiles. Once you've found the perfect match, you can submit a booking request directly.

To ensure availability, we recommend booking your desired relaxation massage therapist on BeMyFreelancer as early as possible.

Depending on your freelancers’ schedule and popularity, we recommend at least a few days to a few months in advance, especially for important events.

This will help you lock in the right freelancer for your booking.

The cost of hiring a relaxation massage therapist on BeMyFreelancer can vary depending on the freelancers’ experience, location and the type of service.

Explore our "Find a Freelancer" database and specify your location and desired services. You can then compare various starting from prices including packages and virtual sessions.

Alternatively, you can “Post a Job” and allocate a budget that will be used by our freelancers as a guide before submitting their offers for your job.

The cost of a package for a relaxation massage therapist on BeMyFreelancer can vary depending on the freelancers’ experience, location and the services included in the package.

Explore our "Find a Freelancer" database and specify your location and desired services. By viewing the freelancers’ profile, you can compare different packages and select the best package for your requirements and budget.

Alternatively, you can “Post a Job” and allocate a budget that will be used by our freelancers as a guide before submitting their offers for your job.

At BeMyFreelancer, you can easily view the qualifications of your relaxation massage therapist .

Each freelancer profile includes a detailed section about their professional background, areas of expertise and any relevant certifications they hold.

This will allow you to make informed decisions and choose the right freelancer for your booking.

Communicating with a freelancer on BeMyFreelancer is simple.

Once you “Post a Job” or submit a booking through the “Find a Freelancer” database, you can contact your freelancer directly through the platform's integrated messaging system.

You can ask questions, discuss your goals and coordinate booking details. It provides a convenient and efficient way to connect with freelancers and ensure a seamless communication experience.

Yes, absolutely! Freelancers on BeMyFreelancer offer on-location services, allowing them to travel to your chosen location for your convenience. This option is available for travel to your residence, place of business or event location.

Registering as a relaxation massage therapist on BeMyFreelancer is a straightforward process that allows you to showcase your skills and connect with potential clients.

Simply visit our signup page: and follow the instructions to create a free freelancer profile. Provide relevant details about yourself, your freelancer information, skillsets, packages, portfolio images, qualification and more…

Once you reach the minimum 50% on your portfolio progress meter (including your personal information), you will have an active profile, ready to start connecting with a new clientele.

To register as a relaxation massage therapist on BeMyFreelancer, you'll need to provide a range of information to create a profile that showcases your skills and expertise.

To build trust and safety among our members, you must provide your personal information. Additionally, you can create a vibrant portfolio by adding your freelancer information, skillsets, packages, portfolio images, qualification and more…

Remember that your profile serves as a representation of your skills and experience to potential clients. The more detailed and comprehensive your profile is, the more likely you are to attract clients seeking your expertise.

When setting up your freelancer profile, there are several specific requirements you must consider in order to have an active profile on BeMyFreelancer.

To ensure we operate a safe and trusted platform, you must complete your personal information and reach 50% or more on your portfolio progress meter. This will ensure your freelancer profile is active. 

For an engaging profile to showcase your experience and unique skills, we would encourage you to reach 100% on your portfolio progress meter.

On BeMyFreelancer, you have two effective ways to connect with new clients:

Post a Job:
Clients have the option to "Post a Job" on our platform. These job postings can be found on the Job Noticeboard, where you will be able to browse all suitable jobs and submit your offers. If you are the confirmed freelancer, the job will be assigned to your My Bookings page.

Find a Freelancer:
Alternatively, your active freelancer profile will be visible for all potential clients on the “Find a Freelancer” database. Clients can explore this database and directly submit booking requests tailored to your expertise.

All booking related communications will be delivered via email to the email address provided for your login credential.

Getting paid on BeMyFreelancer is a breeze!

Once your booking or session has been completed, your customer will “Release Payment” and you must select “Job Completed” as found on the booking form.

Payment remittance are managed twice a week and all outstanding payments will be processed directly into your nominated bank account.

BeMyFreelancer provides a safe and secure payment system. Freelancers can confidently offer their services, knowing that you will be compensated fairly and efficiently for your expertise.

Want to learn more?

Our Help Centre has everything you need to know to use BeMyFreelancer like a pro. 

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